Thursday, July 01, 2010

Snapshot Summary #1

Oh man! So much has happened over the past two plus weeks! I was thinking of all the events I failed to add to the blog and decided to do a Snapshot Summary instead. Here is to my first (and hopefully not last) Snapshot Summary!

We celebrated Cob's turning 11 two days shy of his turning 11! I am ashamed I didn't get more pictures!

We celebrated his turning 11 again with good friends on his actual birthday and I think Drew got video of that. But again I didn't get a picture. To be honest Jacob is a huge trial to me. We are just way too much alike. The kid has these awesome abilities and a heart to do the right thing. I just need to call out for mercy to be thankful instead of focusing on the the times he forgets, has a lazy moment or is stirring up trouble with the little ones. I continue to give this child over to the Lord and the Lord continues to bless despite my sinfulness!!

Saturday June 26 - we went to the grand opening of the new portion of the River Museum and were duly impressed!

Sunday June 27 - our neighbors had a party for their daughter Sienna's turning nine! Here is Sweet Sienna (above) and her mom and grandma (below)

After the party we had naps and then went on an explore or as Winnie THE Pooh would say, "an expedition!" However, unlike Winnie THE Pooh we did not pack "provisions". Thankfully Drew has a keen nature eye and spotted some black caps for us to snack on.

Monday June 28 - Chloe enjoyed a chat with my mom. "I taka gamma!" she chattered on and on. I'm not sure how much Grandma caught but it sure looked sweet on my end :)

Wednesday June 30 we went to Lake Oleary. Some of us fished! Look VERY closely to see the little blue gill Baruch caught. He was so so pleased!!

and some of us watched!

and some of us ate!

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Tonya said...

So encouraged and refreshed about your boy...GOD give us grace indeed!

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