Friday, March 05, 2010

Start 'Em Readin' Young!

Here's Chloe just jibber jabbering unintelligibly away as she flips through a playmobil magazine!

I love reading aloud to the kids.  I have long advocated reading above their level.  I think it spurs them to want to read for themselves and gives them the desire to read books that challenge their reading level when they do begin to read.  

When I was pregnant with Mary I audited a class on teaching literature.  This revealed to me the importance of reading aloud to children even when they are yet in the womb.     I started up and have been reading aloud ever since.  Some weeks and months more than others.  I recently read an article that motivated me to read aloud more than I have been of late.  My only problem now is - their level exceeds mine!  Nice problem to have I guess.  

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