Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chicken Killer

We learned several lessons yesterday.

1) Always keep the yard gates closed.

2) Always keep the chickens in their pen.

3) Even nice neighborhood dogs can't resist chickens when they squawk and flutter about.

This is a dog Drew and Jacob stop and pet every week on the Weekly Paper Route.  He is a really friendly nice dog.  A totally unapproachable animal when guarding his fresh kill, however.  Wow!  Did he provide some excitement in our yard yesterday AM.  Needless to say I was thankful Drew volunteered to come when I called him at the office.  I like the way Mary summed it all up.  Dogs can't help it, they were created with a desire for chicken.  Men can't help it they were created to protect their chickens and children.  Girls can't help it, when they see animals being hurt, they cry. 


Anonymous said...

For the record, Jacob and I did not kill the dog (on advice of Beth). We simply beat the tar out of it.

~Lisa, Scot, and Timmy said...

How sad for the chicken but were the pics really How gross!!! I know, you wanted everyone else to share in the experience huh?

Rita said...

Loved the way Mary summed up the situation! Spot on!

Renee said...

Beautiful pics, they could be in national geographic! Poor little chick-chick, speaking of Mary of course!

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