Friday, January 01, 2010

New Years Eve - Happy Tricksy Birthday!

Drew turns 40 only once in his life!  He deserves two posts.

Last night we attended a New Years Eve gathering with friends from church at the Emmaus Gym.  After some exercise, food and fellowship we were all blessed to hear two young men give their testimonies and a few other men share their hearts.  Then Jason and Silas performed Abot and Castello's "Who's on First" Act and did an excellent job.  Then Drew's was asked to come downstairs for his Birthday Cake.   Peter L.'s wife made him a bonafide sponge cake.  I'm not sure when Drew became suspicious, but as he started cutting it Kathy told him the crust was a little tough, her grandmother's recipe, handed down to her.  When he lifted up the sponge with the knife all his suspicions were confirmed!  The sponges were purchased at Dollar Tree!!!  It was really funny.  All the little ones hanging around were hilarious, Hannah said "The sponges are clean" and off they all went licking off the cool whip frosting and eating the red hots that had so nicely read, Happy Birthday Drew!

Post Two coming soon!

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Tonya said...

That is sweet. Tell him happy birthday!!

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