Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mr. Fixit Fox

I have long loved Richard Scarry's books.  This project reminds me of Mr. Fixit!  It started off so small, so manageable and has morphed into the monster you see pictured here :-)  I have the utmost confidence Drew can put it all back together again because unlike Mr. Fixit Fox all of his project turn out AWESOME.  In the mean time we are getting creative about showering. I am so thankful for the utility sink in the laundry room as many of the kids can bathe there.  

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The Tribe said...

Beth – what is the end goal of the project?  Or what broke to start the project in the first place?  Just curious.  Love, Terry

good question.  It started with some mold around the tub that Drew wanted to get rid of.  First he took off the caulking under the faucet and peeled back the plastic there.  He saw mold on the plywood behind it and decided to take that.  The further he examined, the more mold he found.

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