Monday, October 05, 2009

The Kentucky Family Reunion

Our vacation to Kentucky was wonderful (once we got there :-)).  I REALLY enjoyed the sister/sister-in-law time!  I stayed up too late talking to different sisters each night.  The accommodations were the nicest we've stayed in over the years.  Although I missed being on a lake the Passmore Place did have a nice pool and great deck area out back.  We arrived Monday.  We ended up spending a night at a hotel on the way as Abigail threw up and we actually debated as to whether we should go at all at the risk of infecting everyone else.  We finally decided to go and I am SO glad we did.  Tuesday we toured Mammoth Passage and Mammoth Cave National Park.  Wednesday Drew, Jacob, Terry, Eldon, Chip, Matt and Melvin toured the Corvette Manufacturing Plant and a museum.  Thursday I don't remember what we did.  Probably because it was our night to cook (each sibling took a night as usual -we fixed mushroom swiss burgers, tossed greens, potato salad, grapes and honeydew melon.)  Some time in the early afternoon one of the kids came running in the house yelling that there was a real cowboy outside.  Sure enough a neighbor was out in the back yard with one of the horses we had admired all week.  He offered to take anyone for a rid and each child accommodated him. He and his wife joined us later for super and we learned a bit of the history of Passmore Place.   Friday we took another tour at Mammoth Cave NP.  We toured the Niagra cave.  The kids enjoyed playing with their cousins.  Somewhere in there we had some organized chaos in the way of relay races and such.  My favorite part of the organized chaos was the water balloon fight.  I joined in with the kids and so did Rita.  Rita kept pelting me and the balloons just rolled off.  Little did she know I was ripping mine open and squirting her!  Saturday the kids put on a talent show.  Before I knew it home fever set in and we were rolling into town. . . to our newly painted floor and the task of unpacking.  

What a HUGE blessing - being with family - what a nice break in the routine!


~Lisa, Scot, and Timmy said...

It looks like a great time was had by all. I love how you do your videos. I'm going to see if we can't do that with ours on my husbands lap top. His is the newest in the house. I'm not sure what all he has on it. Is there a certain program we need to do what you did with your video? Btw, Thanks for the update on the vacation. I feel like I was there

The Tribe said...

Lisa, Glad you enjoyed the update. The slideshow feature came with my photo program so it probably depends on what software came with your camera. Hope that helps :-)

Tonya said...

fun trip. you redid your blog. HOw did you get your labels on the side in chunks like that? I love it! Fun name changes too. Miss talking cyber with you.

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