Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Family Violin Lesson

Friday the 2nd of October found us at our first group violin lesson.  The lesson went way better than I could have hoped for.  Chloe sat on my lap and all the kids sat around in a circle.  Mr. Y sat in a glider rocker.  First he got out a fiddle and explained the parts of the instrument and that the fiddle and violin are the same instrument.  He engaged the children with questions and waited patiently for answers.  I waited anxiously (as we home schooling mothers tend to do).  Abigail got out her violin and he had all the children hold out their left arms so he could measure them up to her violin.  He determined Mary and Jacob were ready for full sized and Abi and Baruch could use the 1/2 size.  He then introduced the children to all the stringed instruments, showing them the differences/similarities.  Then he passed out some "junk bows" he had acquired.  I thought he might pass up little Abram sitting there bolt upright with his bright keen eyes but he handed him a bow as well.  Then he instructed me on how to instruct them for this weeks practice time.  They have practiced so often a string broke on the violin


Tonya said...

I love, love, love the violin and our teacher...when we went to group all the kids played and I thought my brain was being massaged. I will blog that someday! :)

Co-Founder and COO of Four Monkeys, Inc. said...

What a sweet memory for mommy!

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