Thursday, October 29, 2009

Instrument Holders

Drew crafted the beautiful violin holders pictured above.  They not only decorate the wall nicely, but serve the living room practically, reducing the cases all over the places mess :-).  I only hope the winter heat won't dry them out too badly.

Drew modified this holder from his sister to include the banjo.

All of the instruments have been played more since hanging them up!


Tonya said...

That is sooo cool! Who all plays at your house? Drew too? Did you get the violins at various sales? Gift? Do they take lessons or just learn at home? We are loving violin here and I LOVE those holders!! Praise God for music.

Anonymous said...

Tonya, Drew designed the holders and went to town! The kids have been taking group lessons, it's an awesome set up. The guy is not just willing to teach as a family, but promotes playing together. This week they are to work on a song together. He also has gotten us two of the violins through a supplier that sells them to him as what he called cosmetic seconds. I do pray the music they make brings glory to God!

JLB said...
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