Friday, October 23, 2009

Friends Visit

Drew enjoyed his class reunion so much we were both thrilled to have Greg, Maribeth and their children here last friday for a visit!  Their twins held a special place in my heart as I thought of Chloe's twin.  As I watched Rex and Clementine I couldn't help thinking of the what if's.  I retreated to the kitchen to cry when who should come up for a hug, Mary Elisabeth, crying and saying "Mommy, doesn't it make you miss Seth to see the twins?"  We had a good hug and cry time.  Their visit zoomed by entirely too quickly.  I sure hope they visit again!


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Greg U??? Wow!! How neat... I went to her blog to read -- oh, I'm just SICK that I didn't get to go this summer. I'm so glad I get to read your blogs and keep up a little bit. Thanks for sharing this! I so much would have loved meeting his wife. Well -- and him too... but you know... chatting with the wives.. would have been fun.

Tonya said...

Hi there Beth. Did you lose Seth after birth or in utero? I am sorry for your loss but so happy for that sweet sensitive girl you have!!

The Tribe said...

I lost Seth at 16 weeks. When I birthed the placenta he was attached to it. The lab cleaned the placenta and we were able to have our little Seth. You can see his little clubbed feet. It is hard to think about. I know God is in control of ALL things and thank Him for giving us Chloe. It makes her EXTRA special.

Co-Founder and COO of Four Monkeys, Inc. said...

We had such a nice time during our visit! Your children are each so *cool* in their own way!

I wish I'd "put things together" earlier in the conversation...I could've joined you in the kitchen for a few tears.

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