Thursday, October 22, 2009

Battle of the Bulge Continues

I gained 5 pounds on our trip to Kentucky and am suffering.  UGH!

I have been motivated by a few different things to get back on the fronts of the battle line!  

I was inspired by an article in the paper which quoted a local food store owner saying people don't connect what they eat with how they feel.  If you eat the wrong thing, you feel like garbage.  (not a direct quote).  Then I was inspired by my sister Terry who is cutting out white sugar in her diet.  Then Saturday Drew's sister was like the icing on the cake (no pun intended :-)) to start fighting again.  She had read "Mindless Eating".  She reminded me of my own words to her some time ago. . . There is such a peace in being in control of what you are eating.  There is freedom in knowing you can have a piece of cake because you have been making wise and careful choices during the day.

Here are a few of the pieces of wisdom from the book she read. . .  

Use small plates, antique dealers will tell you dinner plates used 100+ years ago were the size of our salad plates.  You obviously take less food if you have a smaller plate.  

I forget the % but your plate should have LOTS of vegetables on it.

If you eat 100-200 extra calories per day over the course of a year you will gain about 10 pounds, conversely, if you eat 100-200 calories less per day you will loose that weight over a years time without feeling deprived.

For me the overeating continues to be a spiritual battle.  I eat to escape.  I overindulge - gluttony.  I know the Lord will give me victory as I call out to Him for help!  Here I go again!!!!!  I am SO thankful God is patient, longsuffering, gentle, merciful.  What a SAVIOR.

Like salvation, this  isn't a one time I trusted and now I am home free. It is a continual trusting, calling out, falling and getting up to call out for more grace, more mercy, memorizing scripture, meditating on scripture, engaging my mind and emotions on things that please the Lord.


~Lisa, Scot, and Timmy said...

Girlfriend, I so feel your pain where this is concerned. I'm fighting the same battle. I sometimes wish that we lived in a neighborhood where I could take Timmy and Dexter for a walk. Before I got married and moved into the country I lived where I took walks everyday. Walking daily also helped me take thought to what I ate and to be careful. I was in so much better shape then. Like you, I am so ready to drop some weight. It's a battle that we are going to win too!!!! Keep hanging in there! Luv ya bunches!

The Tribe said...

Lisa, Thanks for the encouragement. There is something about exercise - I just don't crave the junk when I am exercising. I have worked out with my pilates video a couple times this week and it is so uplifting. Victory in Christ! ~Beth

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