Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Skinning the Rabbit

I am so proud of Jacob.  He shot this rabbit with his b b gun.  Now that takes skill and determination!  He then wanted to skin it so he called Uncle Ron for some skinning advise.  Then he thought he wanted to look up how to skin a rabbit in a book.  He remembered reading something about it in "Back to Basics", so got that off the shelf and found what he remembered on page 187.  He then called Drew because he really wanted him  home when he skinned it.  Drew said he better go ahead before the carcass got stiff.  That left good ole ME to help him with the skinning :-).  I think we were successful but you can see the pictures and judge for yourself.

Little side note.  I didn't let the little boys watch even though they both wanted to and it is a good thing.  Baruch (5 years old) could not eat his lunch just thinking about the rabbit.  Abram (3 years old) when he saw the rabbit laying on the board said.  "That rabbit needs his Mama."  I did not inform him the animal was already dead.  As the intestines poured out I said "Oh look those must be it's intestines."  Jacob replied "Your just trying to make this educational so it doesn't seem so icky."  Isn't he perceptive!!!


~Lisa, Scot, and Timmy said...

Oh, how yuk! There is no way Timmy is ever doing something like that! Besides, neither his dad or I care for hunting. It's too funny that you tried to make it educational for

Tonya said...

You are an amazing mama! I love what you did and think is too cool and the right thing to do, but I am not sure I just would have had the 'guts' excuse the pun to actually do it! Way to go girl!

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