Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fare Bootie = Fair Booty

We went to pick up Mary's fair entry on Monday.  We knew Great Grandma Ruth would love to see the Best of Show ribbon winner and her entry so headed right to her house.  I know many of you wanted to see the entry also.  Sorry we didn't live close enough to drive to most of your houses :-) BUT I did upload some pictures!

The afghan above won a first place ribbon, the baby set below it won the "Best of Show".  Below see Chloe in her "Best of Show" outfit.

We had no idea there would be a cash reward involved.  Mary received 2$ for each First Place entry and another $20 for the Best of Show.  Nice surprise!


Tonya said...

wow! that is so cool. is she in 4h or just entered it herself? I can't believe she made the outfit and everything...that is so wonderful. tell her good job from me!

Ritamae said...

Thanks for posting this and congratulations to Mary once again. Chloe looks so cute in it!

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