Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas 2008 from The Tribe. We initiated a new recruit into the Tribe this year, Chloe Ruth, born May 24th. She has been a tremendous blessing to all of us. Here is the update on everyone:

Mary (age: 11) Mary is blossoming into a beautiful young woman on the inside and outside. We like to call her the "adult-kid". In fact, Baruch recently inquired "Mom, who is older, you or Mary?" Mary is full of patience and spiritual insight.

Jacob (age: 9) No one contributes more enthusiasm and gusto to the household than "Cob". He has enough personality for 3 or 4 mortal nine year olds. We find the significant effort of engaging him in profitable activities worthwhile. Failure to do so results in profound household anarchy.

Abigail (age: 7) Drew calls Abi, "Beth, Jr." She looks, acts and thinks like her mother. If anyone is in pain, Abi is on the spot in a flash to nurture. She is our "upside down string bean".

Baruch (age: 4) Baruch's mind is always engaged. With large hand motions and triple digit decibels, he can often be heard explaining how the world really works. ( ie: "If you are a doctor, you can't pick your nose.")

Abram (age: 2) Abram is full of fun. He has the remarkable ability to repeat what someone else is saying (usually Baruch), syllable by syllable, as the person is speaking (and there is a lot of speaking going on here). His parents are fearful of indications that Abram's energy level and personality may one day eclipse Jacob's.

Chloe (age: 7 months) Chloe is a round bundle of joy. She is already crawling and pulling herself up on furniture. Drew tells Mary she is going to wear a hole in Chloe's skin from changing Chloe's outfits so frequently.

Drew and Beth (age: Less than 40, barely) Drew and I have resolved to create the kind of environment in our home that brings the most honor to Christ. Drew charges us up to strive after the LORD each morning with a devotional, heads off to slay dragons (he enjoys his work at BSS), and returns to challenge us to draw our hope and strength from Christ alone. As a result, he makes slow progress on the honey-do list. I am finding new challenges in homeschooling the older three while occupying a 4 year old, toddler and baby. On good days, I embrace the challenge, clinging to the promise of reaping (do not grow weary in doing good, in due season you shall reap). On less than good days everyone suffers, I repent, confess and we all move on :-).

It is ironic that in order to be more inclusive, the Christmas greeting has largely changed from "Merry Christmas" to "Happy Holidays". Paul told the Collosians, "But Christ is all." Remarkably, this is what real harmony with diversity and tolerance looks like. That is, to identify so strongly with Christ that the temporary distinctions of this life become almost meaningless. High and low social positions or profound cultural and racial backgrounds are insignificant in view of the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus. If God reveals just a bit of Himself, barriers dissolve, Christ becomes all. We are not looking for a baby Jesus this Christmas, but a blazing, glorious champion, Jesus Christ, Lord.

Striving to make Christ all, Merry Christmas,

Drew, Beth, and the Tribe

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Tonya said...

You guys are such a sweet looking family. Merry Christmas to you Beth.

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