Friday, December 26, 2008

Edited Out

Drew pretty much wrote the Christmas letter.  I edited a bit but the words were his EXCEPT for the part about us.  He said I could write that.  Then HE turned around and edited all the great stuff I wrote about him right out of the letter!!  He is such an awesome man I want you all to know how much I love and respect him so here is what he edited out. . .

Drew and Beth (age: less than 40, barely) Drew leads this family with fierce determination and we all benefit. He sets us all up to strive after the LORD each morning with a devotional, heads off to slay dragons (he enjoys his work at BSS), and returns to charge us and challenge us to draw our hope and strength from Christ alone. He is an awesome husband and father!  I am finding new challenges in homeschooling the older three while occupying a 4 year old, toddler and baby. On good days, I embrace the challenge, clinging to the promise of reaping (do not grow weary in doing good in due season you shall reap). On not so good days everyone suffers, I repent, confess and we all move on :-).

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