Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Robin Hood!  LIVE!! This Friday 7 PM, and Saturday 2 PM & 7 PM!!! Come see this Amazing Cast of Characters!!!!  Written by Senior Peter Humphreys, and my directing debut:

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Play: “Robin Hood”
Performers: Tri-State Homeschool Drama Troupe

Times/dates: 7 p.m. Friday, April 8; 2 and 7 p.m. Saturday, April 9
Site: Platteville (Wis.) Municipal Auditorium, 75 N. Bonson St.
Cost: $20 per family, $5 for adults and $3 for students. Tickets are available at the door.
Duration: 2 hours, 45 minutes
Outlaw Robin Hood steals from the rich and gives to the poor. He uses his skills as an expert archer and swordsman to fight for the hand of Maid Marian.
  • High school student Peter Humphreys wrote the play.
  • Joey Ott portrays Robin Hood, Emily Garrett portrays Maid Marian, and Nicholas Peterman portrays Friar Tuck.
Quotable, from director Beth Tuecke
  • “Peter Humphreys gives a modern twist to this classic tale.”
  • “It is a captivating mix of humor, action, romance and history.”


In order of appearance

Bard:  Seth Enz

Uncle Gamewell:  Noah Schuetz

Nicholas Gamewell:  Nic Puetz

Maid Marian:  Emily Garrett

Will Stutely:  Stephen Harkness

Robin Hood:  Joey Ott

Wallace Stutely:  John Cramer

David of Doncster:  Luke Sigwarth

Guy of Gisborne:  Peter Humphreys

Widow Stutely:  Claudia Enz

Cedric (Sir Guy’s Squire): Justine Wiker

Soldier #1:  Played by the Bard (Act 1 Scene 3)

Soldier #2: Nic Puetz (Act 1 Scene 3)

Soldier #3:  Isaac Peterman (Act 1 Scene 3)

The Sheriff of Nottingham:  Jacob Tuecke

Prudence:  Mandy Bisbach

Vivian:  Melanie Bisbach

The Bishop of Nottingham:  Andrew Downs

Arthur a Bland:  Will Gressman

Little John:  Bevan Meissner

Friar Tuck:  Nicholas Peterman

The Miller:  Rachel Doan

Much the Miller's Son: Bethany Harkness

Alan a Dale:  Andrew Arevalo

Catherine:  Lydia Rowley

Sir Franklin:  Noah Schuetz

Gwendolyn a Dale:  Mary Tuecke

Prince John:  Caleb Romaine

Queen Eleanor:  Keziah Langlois

Sir Richard/King Richard:  Noah Schuetz

Glenn (King Richard’s Squire):  Megan Wiker

Harold:  Played by the Bard

Elderly Woman:  Rebekah Bendorf

Peasants: Natalie Garrett, Keziah Langlois, Isaac Peterman

Clifford (Sheriff’s Butler):  Isaac Peterman

Berengeria:   Rebekah Bendorf

Soldier #4: Priscilla Downs (Act 2 Scene 12)

Soldier #5: Ella Kalchik (Act 2 Scene 12)

Soldier #6: Abigail Tuecke (Act 2 Scene 12)

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