Monday, April 26, 2010

The Protective Hand of God

It was a nice morning. The air crisp and fresh. Jacob ran an errand out to the van to retrieve a water jug. Abram joined him and from the kitchen window I could see them playing "bus" or "traveler" in the van. Before long all the children were playing together. I finished journaling my breakfast and was heading to the dining room when the atmosphere changed. Screams from outside sent me into a panic and I rushed out the back door. The van was rolling backward, picking up speed as it went. Children were screaming and running. Abram and Chloe were like a little married couple in the front seats of the van laughing away. Weeeee a fun ride for them! I sprinted after them - to do what I don't know. By the time I caught up with the van it was about to cross an intersection (of sorts, a T in the road). I found the doors locked. I thought I might be able to jump in, bionic woman fashion, and press the brakes. Looking back I am thankful the doors were locked, otherwise Chloe may have fallen out in my effort to get in. SMACK! the van crashed into an arborvitae, knocking it down completely. I crumpled on the spot, knees knocking, frog in my throat. Even now as I type I thank the Lord for each child. Amazingly no one was hurt.

In the picture below look way behind the van for the row of arborvitae

Imagine the van rolling closer to those tall treelike bushes.

Amazingly no cars were coming from the right

or the left of this fairly busy street

The van skipped up the curb and came to an abrupt stop here.

notice the branch - it went straight through the bumper

Thank you Father God for showing mercy on me and my children. Thank you, no other vehicle was involved in this accident. Thank you my God and my refuge!


Tonya said...

whoa!! praise god!!

Heidi said...

It's just amazing how the children were protected. Praising God!

~Lisa, Scot, and Timmy said...

What a praise Jesus moment, huh?!

The Horaks said...

Wow!! I'm SO glad everyone was okay!!

Amy in Peru said...
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Beth said...

Amy, Thanks for the comment. Yes you got the right family. I will be checking your blog out ASAP :-)

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