Thursday, July 11, 2013

What I Wore

O.K. there are some blogs I hop over to now and then in which the bloggers take pictures of themselves to show what they are wearing. They are trendy dressers, fashionable, in the latest and greatest. You know what I am talking about.  Well, I am not very fashion conscious (and uh, well I am about to prove it). Sometimes I like what they are wearing, sometimes I don't, never seeking these posts out, just happening upon them.  Today, I will share what I wore for months on end. A simple outfit, really. A practical one. But first, some background information : )

I am not sure when our attic project got to the "painting" phase, but it was at that point I began donning the "What I Wore" garb. I put this outfit on as soon as I changed out of my stinky work out clothes every morning, with hopes that today would be the last day I would need to wear them. Every day I figured, if I was going to make it up to the attic for even 5 minutes of painting I would need a the jump start of not having to change into them.

Fast forward several month.  The attic project is completely finished and the "boys and girls room swap" is well under way.  The boys room, our front right bedroom was originally the master bedroom. When we moved in 14 1/2 years ago it needed paint and never got it. It now has a nice fresh coat of a neutral "toasted oats" color, ceiling and all. The girls wanted purple on their walls. So, it was in hopes of breaking into the gallon of Lilac Bouquet that I dressed in my "What I Wore" clothes this sunny morning in late June.  It was that hope that kept me in them as I ran Jacob and several friends to an airsoft game that afternoon. Only on my way home, remembering several birthday parties the following day did I realize that I would wear these same said clothes into the our local mall where I knew a particular store sold the gift items I had in mind for both parties.  "Oh well, who cares how I look!" I told myself as I hopped out of the car and jogged toward Books A Million.  After some searching and the help of an employee I found the items I needed, payed and headed out.  As I headed in the direction of my car, an elderly gentleman was walking toward me. As he passed he said "bad hair day."   I burst into a chuckle, thinking, "oh man, YOU do not know the half of it!!" I am thankful to be secure in Christ, not my clothing (or hair - hee hee).

Here is What I Wore!!!!!

But only look further if you read the above post!!!!
Be honest!
Seriously don't look until you have read my story : ).

Then laugh with me please!

BTW I finished the girls room July 6th and am hopeful my painting is complete, for the time being anyway!


Nikki D said...

looks comfy to me!

~Lisa, Scot, & Timmy said...

Can't wait to see pics of the finished rooms and attic. Luv the outfit:-)!

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