Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Florida Pictures

I have not had time to formulate a post about Mom.  To be truthful, since we have gotten back from Florida, although I have returned to our routine, by default, I have not recovered in a sense. There are still items that have not been unpacked. Add to the trip all the boxes I moved out of the attic for the big attic redo project and viola the house remains in a continuous state of chaos. BUT  that won't stop me from posting pictures taken after the memorial service for Mom.  I just want to give my words about my sweet Mama more thought before posting. Enjoy some photos in the meantime.

In memory of Ione T. Schoeppe

Thank you Paula for helping with the light refreshments!
 Lydia, Abi and Meleah
Sophia and Chloe
 Baruch, Dawson and Henry
 Abram and Jason
 Lydia, Abi, Meleah and Julia
 Abram, Baruch, Davey, Jacob, Melvin and Dawson
 Matt, me and Suzy (thanks so much for your support Suzy!!)
Renee and Georgie
 Yulondar and Matt
David leads the children's choir
Renee and I

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