Monday, October 29, 2012

Snack Time and Organizing

Here is the snack I made for Chloe, Abram, Baruch and I while the oldest three were at play practice.
Here's Chloe and her kitty waiting patiently to dig in!
When I was uploading these pictures I noticed the shelves in the background and thought, why not put in some pictures of my new plan for the winter. 
A bin for each member of the family for our hats, scarves and mittens!

And a shelf for each child to put his or her boots on.  Although we have had no snow yet, I am asking each child to take off their shoes and put them on their shelf when they walk in through the door.  I sat everyone down and gave them the beef that Mom is not responsible for anyone's shoes.  If your shoes are found anywhere other than your shelf or your closet you owe me a quarter.  So far this has been the hardest on Baruch and Abram.  I feel so bad because they get the least amount for allowance.  But rules is rules and I am sure they will learn soon =).

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Laura Barnett said...

Chloe looks so grown-up with her longer hair!

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