Saturday, September 15, 2012

Snapshot Summary #49

9 - September, 2012
PM Family time
Baruch with his temporary cast.

   Listening to Dad read Pilgrim's Progress

Sleep, after a stressful day and a lot of pain from the broken bones

10 - September, 2012

I was thankful the dr. was able to fit us in for Baruch's arm today.  Originally they thought we would have to wait until Tuesday, but when I mentioned he was in a lot of pain they got us in at 3 PM.  After that we ran errands, one of which was stopping at Bicycle World.  Abigail has been saving up her money to buy one ever since she learned to ride.  Her goal was to puchase one while she was still 10 years old.  I was 10 when I bought the very unicycle she learned on! While she was counting out her cash she turned green and had to run outside to relieve herself in a bucket in the van.  Poor girl, she got the stomach bug Mary and I had Friday night and Saturday =(.

 Feeling much better with the stabilization of the permanent cast.
 Story time in the boys room with dad and the girls room with Abi.

11 - September, 2012
Jacob had the up-chucks this afternoon =(
Sorry no pictures of him =)

By bed time Abigail was feeling fine, she was happy since her 11th birthday was coming in the AM!

12 - September, 2012

Happy Birthday Abigail!!

A couple neighborhood friends come to help celebrate! Thanks girls, Abi sure enjoys your company =)
 Making homemade crackers =)

13 - September, 2012

Peterman's came for piano and Abi watched Lydia.  She managed to put a beautiful crown braid in Lydia's hari.  This isn't the most flattering picture of Abigail so please focus on the braid =).

 Here is Abigail at Bicycle World testing out her new unicycle!

 Jacob and Seth running in a cross country race.

Great Job guys!!

14 - September, 2012

The older three went to play practice while the younger three and I rescued the house from a week of sickness and chaos.

15 - September, 2012
Mary ran in a cross country meet this morning but I didn't bring the camera.  She did a great job!  The course was tough with one extrememly steep hill that she ran up twice and another lesser grade hill she ran twice also.  She ran the entire way!!  Way to go Mary!

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