Friday, February 10, 2012

Centerpiece Creations

A couple days ago I was talking to someone about the shower I am planning.  She mentioned having a centerpiece, which had never even crossed my mind.  I was just thinking about the food on the table (well, that and a hundred other things, games, gifts, cleaning, upcoming teacher visit, laundry, piano lessons, what's my family going to eat in 10 minutes, you know, the norm).  Anyway, I began to mull over in my mind how I could make a lovely centerpiece without spending another dime. . .

The girls, Baruch and I had so much fun making wax paper hearts.  They look so cheerful hung in the front windows.  I decided those hearts would be perfect for a centerpiece too. I happened to have three bottles clean and ready (They were supposed to be used to bottle my kombucha but this was way more fun). I used a gold metallic marker to write Faith, Hope and Love on the bottles. Then I headed out to my beloved snowberry bush and got a few branches, plugged the hot glue gun in and found a scrap of ribbon. Cut the ribbon in 6 various pieces and started gluing ribbon to branches and hearts. I used some different ribbon, leftover from the shower invites to wrap around the top of the bottles. I do think they look right perty all next to each other.

The Love bottle has the two hearts together.
In just three short weeks the two will become one!!

I'll try to get some pictures of the hearts in the windows later today. They are so fun because they are constantly dancing.  When the afternoon sun shines in they look spectacular.  I am thrilled with such simple things =)


Rita said...

You are so crafty (double entendre there!) . . . seriously, when do you even have time to think up this stuff, let alone do it?

Beth said...

All glory to God, any creativity is His doing for sure =). I'm thankful to have outlets for the His gift to me.

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