Saturday, October 08, 2011

Snapshot Summary #47 C - Staying with Uncle Bill ,Seeing Mom, Beach Time

13 - September, 2011

Uncle Bill was an amazing host. We arrived Monday night with plans to celebrate Mom's birthday.  Mom, however, wasn't feeling well enough to come so we had to celebrate without her.  We celebrated Matt and Abi's instead, complete with some birthday speeches!  When I told Uncle Bill it was Abigail's birthday he felt so bad he hadn't gotten her a present. He wanted to run to K-Mart for something but was happy to look around the house for a gift when I discouraged him from getting something new. He found a teddy bear and umbrella which is the ultimate gift to any 10 year old.

Each morning two of the children ate breakfast with Mom, then we all went to the beach for a bit.  Next it was back to Uncle Bill's for naps.  Tuesday night I said I would grill out chicken, but Uncle Bill insited upon doing the grilling while he and Drew discussed politics. 

The kids were all into catching lizards and trying to wear them as earings like they have seen Uncle Matt and Melvin do but were a little leary when it came time for the creature to latch on. Somehow they talked Uncle Bill into going first.

14 - September,2011

We saw mom again in the morning. Then spent some time at the beach. After naps off we went to Tarpon Springs for gyros and souvenirs

After the beach we stopped by the motel Drew used to come to as a kid.

"O.Kay, I felt the thing bite and it wasn't that bad. I will wear a lizard earing!"

Our last night at Uncle Bill's - One last dip in the pool.

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