Saturday, September 10, 2011

Snapshot Summary #46

28 - August, 2011
We were excited to meet Laura's friend who is a boy - o.kay, let's just call him her boyfriend. . . Ben!! We served them taco's for lunch, then had some cookies that Laura made, then took a walk in a cemetary near our house. When we got back home we reviewed the sermon and had some more cookies before the two headed out to the Arboretum.

The rest of the week went zooming by with friends visiting, a dentist appointment, lunch and fellowship with more friends, Drew and Cob visiting Grandma and Pa, a date night . . . before you know it a new week began.

4 - September, 2011
What everyone was up to in the afternoon
Mary playing piano, Cob and Chloe reading
Baruch and Abi practicing for the circus ;)
I think Abram and Drew were off doing there own thing and I, well, I was taking pictures and cleaning the kitchen ad infinitum :)

5 - September, 2011
Today Abi and I made her b-day cake in the AM, then in the afternoon we made Turkish Delight. Abi put a lot of time and thought into her 10th birthday celebration which will be held tomorrow from 2 to 4. We made the Turkish Delight to go along with the whole Narnia theme she has planned. She wanted each guest to take home enough Turkish Delight to share with her family. I had no idea what work candy making was (is)! First we mixed water, sugar and lemon juice, brought that to soft ball on the candy thermometer. When it was 15 degrees away from soft ball (which is 240) you start mixing together corn starch, cream of tartar and water, then bring that to a boil. It looked and felt like glue!

6 - September, 2011
Mary donates her hair. . .

the hair doings were in the AM.

Here are pictures from Abi's party in the afternoon. . .

7 - September, 2011

8 - September, 2011
Cob finished the second side of the garage roof today!! What a kid. Twelve years old and doing a man's day of work. He worked steady all day today.

9 - September, 2011


~Lisa, Scot, and Timmy said...

Girl u stay more active than me. It's always nice to pop over and catch up on your blogs even tho i don't always comment on them.

Organizing Mommy said...

fun blog! Thanks for following me. You have a beautiful family.

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