Saturday, August 27, 2011

Snapshot Summary #45

13 - August, 2011
The boys catch from last night. . .

Kari, Bill, Anna, John and Miriam joined us for the play this afternoon. The children had an absolute blast performing!

Since we have ate, breathed and sang Oz for weeks, Chloe calls me Auntie Em and Drew Uncle Henry. Abi is Glinda. . .you get the picture. You can imagine her thrill when she got to give Dorothy a hug!!

14 - August, 2011
I had a little scare at the kitchen sink this AM

I'm not sure how he escaped from his deluxe habitat but it sure did make me jump when I found him :)
15 - August, 2011
The play is over, right, so where is all the extra time I was expecting to have????

Time consumer #1 - black spray paint addiction :)


16 - August, 2011
Time consumer #2 Rag Rolling the large wall behind the couch (yes, that's our new to us couch!). I hope to get a better picture eventually.
17 - August, 2011
Time consumer #3 Deciding where to rehang everything. I was so so thankful to have Laura and kids here to help with this. I had a lay out on a sheet of paper but I needed another woman opinion on the whole matter and, let's face it, Laura has class, she has taste, she's got that natural decorating knack I lack!! Thanks Laura!!!
Chloe helps make cookies to serve everyone. O.k., Cob made the cookies and Chloe cleaned up a bit.
20 - August, 2011
While Drew, Abi, Baruch and Abram explored the Little Maquoketa, Cob helped with a friends Eagle Scout project, Chloe, Mary and I made the weekly grocery run ad infinitum.

21 - August, 2011
The Corson Reunion in Guttenberg. Corson is Drew's Grandma Ruth's maiden name, so yes, we were officially invited :).
Myra and Bill

Christine, Pat and Kari

Chloe Ruth with her Great Grandma Ruth

Anna, Abi and Mary

22 - August, 2011
We have needed our roof re shingled for quite a while. The situation turned code red when we had some leaking in the attic. As we thought about re roofing we started thinking about how much our living space would increase with the addition of a dormer. . .

All the stuff from the attic needed to go SOMEWHERE! Why not Drew and my bed??
Titus and Ezra help Abi and Cob pass the time.

23 - August, 2011
This is what the new dormer looked like when we went to bed,on the futon in the office, remember what our bed looked like ;)

So when we heard thunder, we woke with a start!!

I thank the Lord we only had small amounts of water, dripping ever so slowly, and being easily caught in containers. I spoke with my friend Tonya Stevenson around noon and before we hung the phone up she prayed. Immediately the sun began to shine. I just thanked the Lord!!

And so the dormer continued. And while it continued, the paint on Time Consumer #4 dried. . . The new chalkboard wall in the bathroom :)

24 - August, 2011
The work crew boarded the windows over in case of rain, so this AM that was removed, windows were installed and the siding was finished!

25 - August, 2011
Final Product!!
From a different angle.

27 - August, 2011
Cob started a huge project this AM - shingling the garage!!

Here he is after a full, man's day of work! He got about half way up one side! Thanks Cob, you make this mama smile :)

I plan to take the finished - all done - voila living room pictures as soon as the curtains are made and I will post a finished dormer pic from the inside too. BUT, these things take time :)


your friend from Iowa said...

Wow Beth! I'm always amazed at what spray paint can do, and that end table looks awesome! Wall painting looks great too! Can't wait to see it all together---maybe in person! I was thinkng you already had windows in your attic - do you have a dormer on the front?

Beth said...

Thanks Kari! I got the spray paint idea from YOU!! I would love to have you here in person for sure. Yes there are windows in the front dormer. They are shorter than the ones in the back.

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