Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Snapshot Summary #42

It's been a LONG time since I have posted one of these snapshot summaries. This one covers from June 12th to present with very sporadic dates covered. My summer has been too busy for regular updates. I know everyone can relate!

12 - June, 2011
Wow, how many years ago was it that we saw the house across the street go up for sale and began to pray for the people that the Lord would bring into His neighborhood? Yes, His neighborhood that we are blessed to live in. The Lord brought John and Miriam and they have become good friends. Today we enjoyed a wonderful meal at their house. Thank you Lord for all the encouragement this couple brings to our lives.

Father's Day - a barge for Grandpa crafted by Abi and Baruch
22 - June, 2011
Jacob's Birthday

26 - June, 2011
Biking to Church
2 - July, 2011
Chloe, Baruch, Abram
3 - July, 2011
Celebrating Independence Day
for more Independence Day photos you will have to check out my facebook page!

7 - July, 2011

8 - July, 2011
Vosberg's visit and Rachel is getting SO big!
10 - July, 2011
Bible Study buddies! I am enjoying our new Bible Study on doctrine called "The Blueprints". Our neighbors John and Miriam are coming too. Mary and Jacob have been participating and Laura's oldest two plan to join us when they can!!
11 - July, 2011

Brother fun! Well, little sister joined in too, but girls are mud are just not the same as boys and mud!!!

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