Thursday, July 07, 2011

Please Pray for Bryce

Please pray for my friend Tonya's son Bryce. Click Here to visit his carepage updates or copy and paste this link to learn more about Bryce.

Bryce is fighting NON-HODGKINS T-CELL LYMPHOBLASTIC LYMPHOMA since 2008. It is really easy to sign up for carepages.

I would also ask anyone willing to pray for my (on Drew's side) niece Andria and her 8 week premature baby Gabe. Mom and baby are both doing well, but Gabe is just so little, 3# 15 oz. at birth. At this point, I think he mainly needs prayer for lung development. Andria's husband Daniel will be out of town taking a two week class that was scheduled before Gabe arrived. Pray for clarity of thought for him as he tests for certifications that he needs for his job. Also pray for their little girl, Caroline (16 mo. old) who has been away from Mommy WAY more than she is used to.

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