Thursday, June 16, 2011

Snapshot Summary #41

5 - June, 2011
My pictures just don't do the week justice. My words won't either, but here goes. . .

6 - June, 2011
We had friends from Ecuador here for lunch. It was wonderful to see them. The only bad thing. . .our visit was way too short. Click here to see a picture of their family as I failed to take one.

7 - June, 2011
The weather was HOT and we discovered our thermostat on the air broken when we flipped the switch in the AM. We had some friends from church here to play for several hours in the afternoon. Aren't kids great! They don't mind if the AC is broken, give them a sprinkler and they are all set. It got up in the 90's in the afternoon. I even took a dip in the pool with the children. Ahhh, amazing refreshment! Thankfully a steady breeze cooled me off quick when I got out. Drew brought home a new thermostat and installed it in record time! I am so thankful he is willing to try fixing things (and for his continual success). Here is the picture he took to help with the replacement process :)

8 - June, 2011
I am going through an inductive bible study of Hebrews with a couple ladies from church. They came today with their children and after our study we all enjoyed lunch together. Later some old neighbors of our, well I should say former neighbors because they are actually very young, stopped by for a visit. We sure wish they would move back to the neighborhood, but it sounds like they are quite content in Ashville, NC :(. Our loss for sure. We miss you Matt and Kelly, it was great to see you again.

9 - June, 2011
I snuck away in the morning and my friend Laura treated me to my second ever pedicure! Ah, so relaxing. I kept looking down at my feet all day and wondering whose beautiful skin I had climbed into :). We had a busy day making bread and quiche and other fixin's in preparation for my departure in the wee hours of the next morning. When Drew got home from work he, Baruch and Abram went to see Uncle Mark. I've typed out several long story shorts on Mark and just don't feel comfortable posting any of them. I am thankful I don't have to. Those led to pray, I know the Holy Spirit will intercede - so just pray.

10 - June, 2011
I was off to NICHE with Erin and Debbie at 5 something in the AM! I so enjoyed their fellowship, the speakers, curriculum and workshops at the conference. AND, it sounds like things went the best ever in the history of my being away back here on the home front. That might have something to do with the age of our youngest - I'm a thinkin'.

11 - June, 2011
I was REALLY thankful to be home tonight. Sure missed each precious little one and my big honey man :)

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