Thursday, June 02, 2011

Snapshot Summary #39

21 - May, 2011
Abram had been asking for a surprise party. Cob took Abram upstairs about a half hour before the guests were scheduled to arrive and kept him busy until everyone was in the living room and I called him down. He was thoroughly surprised and a little embarrassed. He had a great Fifth Birthday thanks to good friends coming over to help celebrate.

22 - May, 2011
Celebrating Abram and Chloe's Birthdays with Grandma and Grandpa!

23 - May, 2011
We were thankful to get college loft cast offs! These were taken at 10:19PM - he is not faking sleep here. He did not last all night in the hammock but most of it.

24 - May, 2011
Happy Birthday Big Three Year Old!! I cannot believe my baby is 3!

28 - May, 2011
A final Piano Recital with Sarah Volgarino. Sarah gets married in one week and we will MISS her! Thanks for the great instruction and friendship Sarah!

Mary - Page Turner when Miss Volgarino played her farewell Chopin for us.

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