Sunday, May 15, 2011

Snapshot Summary #38

7 - May, 2011

8 - May, 2011

9 - May, 2011
We were scheduled to go to Pa and Grandma's today but due to bad weather we switched that trip to tomorrow. So we had piano lessons (thanks to Sarah being flexible) today instead. We also met Ashley Wilson who will, Lord willing teach Abigail piano in the fall. Our current piano teacher will enter the marriage covenant in just three weeks!
10 - May, 2011
Great day with Pa and Grandma!

11 - May, 2011
Busy, busy day today. Cob mowed the neighbor's lawn. Mary had two teeth pulled. Abi had a violin lesson. The girls were blessed to play with friends for a couple hours. We had one car (van in shop for brake pads and a new left rear spring) so I took Drew to work and picked him up. Whew - way more running than I enjoy! It was also very Hot and Humid today!

Here is my humidity barometer - Chloe

12 - May, 2011
Our sweet friend, Carol, brought a meal over for lunch! She brought things over in installments. A 7# turkey and sweet potatoes, apples (for me to make apple salad with), rolls, and pies at 9:00 AM. Then she came back around 11:30 with a green bean casserole. She, Cob and I played scrabble together, then Drew came home, carved the turkey and oh man was everything delicious!! We had a nice walk to make room for dessert. I was working in the kitchen after our walk when I heard Mary, Jacob and Carol talking about sin nature. Carol believes people are innately good. It blessed me to hear Mary and Jacob quote scripture and give her gentle yet opposing views based on God's word.

13 - May, 2011
I so enjoy Tonya's fellowship in the Lord. Today we watched a Charlotte Mason Seminar on DVD while Mary watched the babies! Sonya Shafer puts on the seminar. To find out more about what we learned visit the website .

Chloe and Sophia

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