Sunday, May 08, 2011

Snapshot Summary #37

1 - May, 2011

Praise God for the body of Christ! I am thankful to fellowship with like minded believers and sit under teaching that stirs up Christ in me, leaving me hungering for more of His Word.

2 - May, 2011

3 - May, 2011

Baruch works on twenties and place value in math
Abram keeps asking if we can get the pool out.  At 60 degrees!!  Not YET!!
Abigail helped Baruch pull out his second baby tooth!

4 - May, 2011
Tennis Time!


Cobber Bobber
Chloe watching!

5 - May, 2011

We had the Peterman's here for supper and I failed to get a single picture :(  It is a blessing to get to know families from our new church better!

Andrew and Michelle called yesterday in need of a place to lay their heads so they could attend Emmaus' Baccalaureate. I told them sure if they didn't mind sleeping on a futon.  They were game for the floor!  They showed up about 9:30 and stayed until 8:30 AM Friday.  It was great having them here - sweet fellowship.
Andrew and Cob playing guitar together - well maybe Cob is using his guitar pick for a tooth pick :)

Andrew saw Abram climbing the doorway and said he was too big to do that now but used to do it as a kid.  Next thing we knew Andrew was stretched out between the pillars.  Here Abi is giving it a try!

6 - May, 2011

Gracie came over for some friend time and sewing too.

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