Sunday, March 20, 2011

Snapshot Summary #32

19 - February, 2011

Air soft mechanic in the making.

Gun Rebuilt!
Yes he did get it back together again, then he found a big spring that should have gone inside the gun. Oops!

26 - February, 2011

Tea Time!

1 - March, 2011

Workin' Out with Mom

And then it's dress up time!

3 - March, 2011

Waiting for prayer before diggin' into breakfast

Dress up is for every day!

6 - March, 2011

After a hard day of hiking!

Sweet Chloe is PLUM Tuckered OUT!

12 - March, 2011

We got to see Tim and Heidi's new sweet pea! Rachel is already 6 days old in this picture!! Holding her brought floods of emotions. There is absolutely nothing in this world that compares with the tender sweetness of a new born baby.

Big Sister takes a snooze

13 - March, 2011

I just had to take a picture of Chloe in the dress Aunt Jo made for Mary E. so many years ago. It's a bit small on Chloe now, but so so cute, especially with the galoshes - don't ya think!

No nap means you fall asleep during family time.

Precious Asleep!

16 - March, 2011


Abram and Banjo


As you can see the weather has turned beautiful! It has gotten a bit warmer each day this week. Not quite barefoot weather (depending on who you ask) but sunny and 60 today!

17 - March, 2011
A visit with Great Grandma Ruth

I couldn't decide which picture of Grandma and Chloe I liked best so I included all of them!

Cob and Grandma got in a good game of Upwords. Grandma amazes me. She plays for blood, with macular degeneration you think the game would be challenging for her to see but you would never know it!

While they were duking it out in the Upwords game I took the little ones to the river walk. They brought their bikes/trikes/skates/scooters and off we went. About half way through the sky spat a bit of rain on us so we turned back.

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