Monday, February 28, 2011


The children have been working on poetry and I found this rhyming dictionary site that has been very helpful. I need motivators along the way - deadlines - you know, that sort of thing. . . so when a friend told me about a poetry contest it motivated me to give the children a crash course on poetry. We got "Poetry for Dummies" from the library as well as some works of poetry by famous poets and off we went. Their poems have great potential! hm hm that is a polite way of saying they do need some work but as the contest deadline was today they will have to do. I do wish I would have started them a bit earlier so we could have revised them A LOT more.

The Hammock is light
In the breeze it sways
I feel I’m in flight
Warmed by the sun’s rays

A bird sings near by,
Perched up in a tree
High up in the sky
A white cloud I see
By Mary
False Banquet

Horses graze, gust howls, Far-off cougar growls.
Onward it lurks, the odor is meat, on it goes with no sound of its feet.
Like a mouse pursued by tabby, comes cougar petulant, crabby.
The odor draws near, he licks his lip; banquet approaches to taste, to rip.

But as he prepares, to spring, a sound, a neigh, horse does bring.
Like a flash of thunder, storming the prairie, away dash the horses, the wind does carry.
Off prowls the horror of the plane, and as for courage it remains vain.
Long legs sweeping, sweeping along, hooves sounding as a great palace gong.

The hooves ring the planes, which the cougar once reigned, now he knows; it’s no longer his domain.
The rabbits are eaten, the prairie dogs too, none remain but the horse for old cat to chew.
Woe to the glutton of old man cat, no longer shall he, be so fat.
He gets thinner and thinner each day; someday he’ll starve, he’ll waste away.
By Jacob

Tough Climb
Snowflakes are falling, mom is asleep, but as for me to the cookie jar I creep.
Up the shelves, quickly I go, silent as a cat, silent as the snow.
Slowly forward, one inch at a time, Oh my, what a very tough climb.
I near the cookie jar, creep, creep, creep, but then BANG! Down I fall in a heap.
By Jacob

The Bad Band

The band begins I plug my ears
And from the crowd come several sneers
But when the drums begin to play
Every one runs away
By Abigail


Tonya said...

Poems are fun! Good job.

Janie or Laura said...

I think all are very good! ... :)

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