Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snapshot Summary #27

14 - January, 2011

We had some friends join us for a wii party! Jonny and Jimmy live close by and already knew the ropes of wii playing. Cob even asked them to bring their own remotes. Shortly after they arrived the neighbors dog came up missing so off the boys ran to help find Hector! It didn't take them too long to find Hector but they came home without Jimmy! I was just starting to worry when I saw him walking toward the house!! The next game of choice was . . .

table tennis. The boys were pretty evenly matched so there were some really good volleys. Before long Pa and Grandma arrived to join in the fun!

15 - January, 2011

Chloe and I kind of did our own thing today. We headed to a meeting, then to Aldi, back home to unload, put away and get lunch on the table. In the afternoon I baked a bread. Drew took the other children and his parents to a raptor presentation. They also had a baby cougar! I was thankful to get so much done and Drew said the children enjoyed their time with Pa and Grandma.

16 - January 2011

The children enjoyed having friends come for what turned out to be a - longer than expected (and much enjoyed) time. Our plans are not His plans. Poor Kathy dropped Ezra and Keziah off with the plan of picking them up around 4:30 only to experience van trouble. We had a great time with the children. Mary, Abi and Keziah worked on a small quilt. They were easy to photograph, Ezra and the boys never stood still long enough!

17 - January 2011

Laura brought her children along to bible study tonight. The children were thrilled to have friends here two days in a row. They all played together so nicely. They did divide into girls/boys and rotate half way with one group in the basement and the other group upstairs. Bible study has been very encouraging! Last week we memorized Proverbs 21:5"Steady plodding brings prosperity but hasty speculation brings poverty." I have been so encouraged to just keep plodding away at what I know the Lord desires of me. Steady! Easy does it! Keep going . . . plod, plod, plod.

Flora and Chloe

18 - January 2011

We snuck into John and Miriam's (at Miriam's request) to help John celebrate his birthday. Surprise!?! Yes he was. We gladly stayed for the strawberry cake with chocolate frosting John made.

Chloe waiting patiently for the host to take the first bite.
Our neighbors that have become very dear to us, John and Miriam.

19 - January 2011

Participating in Bible study Monday night and a Birthday celebration Tuesday makes this our first Family Worship since the Lord's Day! Ahhhh our family needed this nourishing time.

21 - January 2011

We had another busy day. Aldi in the AM. Stringed instrument practice in the afternoon. Drew's parents came to watch the little three as Drew and I are now in on the lessons. Funny how good it sounds when Keith is playing with us and how pathetic when we are home playing on our "lone" (to quote Renee's kids). After lunch (which Drew's mom brought, yummy meatballs) the little ones took naps, Pa and Cob played ping pong and Mary took Mary E. and Abi to St. Vincents and Good Will and I made bread and pizza crusts. Supper was a bit late, then Drew and I had a date. I feel so spoiled we have had so many dates lately! We really needed to talk budget though and weren't organized enough to do it so, well, we'll just have to have another date again!

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