Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snapshot Summary #25 and #26

Sunday 2 - January, 2011 through Wednesday 3 - January, 2011 It's a New Year so I planned to hit it hard around here!! Unfortunately I woke up Monday morning with an awful headache and was completely out of commission for the entire morning. I managed to keep the older two on their school schedule while Abi helped care for the younger ones. Mary was wonderful preparing supper and Jacob helped her scrub potatoes for lunch. By Tuesday AM I was praising the Lord for good days! We did a good bit of school Tuesday and enjoyed bible study here Tuesday night. Our Wednesday night study was cancelled so the kids were able to help me clean a bit and organize some in anticipation of my sister Terry's arrival. She got in around 1 AM. We chatted a bit and I fed her a bit of steaming hot goulash before crashing

6 - January, 2011
The kids were all so excited they asked every 5 minutes from the time the first awakened (6:30 AM)until the hour of Aunt Terry's rousting (about 10 AM). She caught Chloe and I showering so the kids greeted her first. We headed over to Emmaus and played ping pong and air hockey for a bit, then had lunch when we got home. Lunch was way late as the chicken hadn't finished cooking AND my rice cooker broke!! Two strikes in one meal. After lunch everyone laid down for naps. The older three did not sleep but the rest of us sure enjoyed our snooze. When Chloe woke up the first thing she said was "Did aunt Terry spend the night?" her second sentence - "Can I go in and see her?" After a half hour or so I let Chloe go in. At first she wanted to wake her up but when she got in the room she decided she would rather snuggle.

After supper the kids took an official pledge of sharing and opened Aunt Terry's Christmas present to all of them. They were ecstatic to find a wii under the wrapping paper. Jacob's reaction could not have been better. He was beyond thrilled.

7 - January, 2011

One thing Terry told me she wanted to do while visiting was let Drew and I have a date so that is just what we did. Drew picked me up and bought me a sandwich while Terry babysat. We enjoyed our date, Thanks Terry!

Terry, Mary E., Jacob, Abigail and I played a game of Farkle while the little ones napped.

Congratulations on winning Aunt Terry!

8 - January, 2011

Puzzling with Aunt Terry

Click here to see the finished puzzle (well, almost finished)

Snuggling with Aunt Terry!

Game watching with Aunt Terry!

10 - January, 2011

I forgot to bring the camera to the River Museum. We enjoyed an extremely cold guided outdoor winter wetland walk as well as watching the local fire department do a rescue from the river. We thawed out a bit between the two and ended with an interesting demonstration of different canoes and water vessels used by the native Americans. Terry finished the puzzle at 10:30 PM! Well, she finished it all but the missing piece!! I was actually amazed there weren't more pieces missing. I mean truly, it sat in our kitchen hub bub. See 13 - January for the rest of the story.

9 - January, 2011

No one wanted to say goodbye to Aunt Terry. So sad to see her go but I new David and Renee and their children would never forgive us if we kidnapped her.

group hug!

10 - January, 2011
We hit the week running. School went well. Bible study went well. Praise the Lord for good friends and His word!

11 - January, 2011

12 - January, 2011
I don't know why but by the end of the day I felt completely maxed out. Baruch really wanted to take his rc helicopter to the gym to fly it. I thank the Lord for my children but tonight I thanked Him for the break when Drew left with all of them for the gym!

13 - January, 2011
We went ice skating with several other home schooling families this AM. Everyone enjoyed skating! Chloe preciously walk/skated on her extra wide double blades. Abram hilariously knee knocked while pushing a chair for balance. Baruch whizzed and crashed, whizzed and crashed continually. Abigail showed great coordination and control. Jacob signed up for the hockey team, no not really, but he would have I'm sure if I suggested it. Mary glided about swan-like between infrequently graceful falls. I enjoyed the ice too and enjoyed helping the little ones try gliding, spinning, turning and stopping - none of which I am the best at and all of which I think are important skills on the ice.

BTW the snapshotless summaries are due to lack of photos! I did just start charging the camera battery:-) Oh and guess what I found when I stepped onto the back porch this afternoon? The missing puzzle piece!!!!

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