Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snapshot Summary #23


18 - December, 2010


19 - December, 2010


20 - December, 2010

Finished another sew project, a cover for Banjo's kennel. Thanks for the fabric Rita!

I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the finished purses. I was working with the black quilted to make my mom and a friend each a bag. Mary made Grandma S. a bag with the blue, crocheting a beautiful pocket on one side and two flowers on the other. You will just have to go visit Grandma Ione if you want to see it. On second thought since Grandma Ione is known for being a giver, by the time you go visit her the bag may belong to someone else ;-).


21 - December, 2010

Chloe and Abram help Papa fix cocoa wheats for breakfast.


22 - December, 2010

My sweet girls! While I was away today and they were babysitting. . .

  • They put the THREE little ones down for naps (and all three slept!)

  • They cleared the lunch items from the dinning room table

  • Noticed my to do before Christmas list (which I had JUST started making, hence only one item)

  • AND brought up the table from the BASEMENT, which involved taking the basement door off its hinges which is no small feat!)

Please find Another bedtime with Banjo series below. . .

Baruch asleep - Banjo licking!
December 2010 010

Baruch awake - Banjo looking guilty
December 2010 011

Baruch back asleep - Banjo - is he guilty looking or afraid of the top bunk?
December 2010 013
December 2010 014


23 - December, 2010

Tonya, Jonathan, Emma, Katlyn and that sweet baby Sophia came this morning for science. We reviewed the circulatory system, then the children played, then we enjoyed lunch together. Tonya and I enjoyed the fellowship while the children played a bit more. Drew got off early! While he took naps with the little ones Mary, Abi and I picked up some last minute Wal Mart items then went to Jo Ann Fabrics as Mary's presser foot on her machine is lost :-( and she was completely out of needles. We purchased both and got home by 6 PM. Goulash for supper, right before which Abram tossed his cookies - ugh! NOT appetizing in the least. The girls and I picked up Gingerbread Spice tea to pass out to neighbors when we carol door to door which we did. Here's Chloe ready to go out and sing. Cob did a great job on guitar.
After everyone fell asleep (Abram on the couch just in case) I got busy . . .

Chloe's cape cut out

Chloe's finished cape with sage green ties
Cut out of Abi's hood

Abi's cape cut out

Abi's cape finished nicely although I am 99% sure I sewed the hood seem up the front as the opening was huge. Rather than rip out the stitches I added a bit of elastic and am satisfied with the results.

The brooches were one of the last minute items I needed at Wal Mart. It was fun to sneak them in the basket when the girls weren't paying attention (I think)!

Mary's finished cape

Mary's hood is floppy too and I am 99% sure I sewed hers correctly :-). I followed the pattern, they are just floppy hoods. Now all three are wrapped and ready!!

I am so glad he ate and drank before falling asleep and did not throw up again!!


24 - December, 2010

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Rita said...

Hey, I thought I recognized that fabric! I'm glad you are putting it to use. I haven't visited you blog in a while so it's great to see all that you've been up to. You are so disciplined and organized it leaves me in awe.

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