Sunday, November 21, 2010

Snapshot Summary #18


13 - November, 2010

A boy and his dog (well the family dog).

14 - November, 2010

We enjoyed helping Connor celebrate turning seven! Here's Connor's Grandma and little sister Penny.

Poor Red Neck (aka Penny) stepped in a rat trap (of the sticky variety). Baruch came rushing in with the dreadful news. By his anxiety I thought the poor bird had gotten her beak stuck, awaiting emanate death! Thankfully she had only stepped in it. I dipped her feet in oil and scrubbed her up with soap. She got the tiniest bit on her feathers so there was minimal clipping to get her back up, running and as good as new.

15 - November, 2010

I am so thankful for the plethora of blogs that I have run across posting something they are thankful for each day for the month of November! What a testimony of God's greatness. For me putting on the thankful heart eliminates so much anxiety and distress. I am ashamed I do not walk in thankfulness more.

Today I am thankful for:

God's Word (so amazing -no matter how much I study and memorize there is always more to learn!)

God's Forgivness

A husband who seeks the Lord above all else

Family near and far

Neighbors who love the Lord


Children of all shapes and sizes (six in particular)

Friends who plan to join us for Thanksgiving

Food a plenty (even on a budget)

Another Crown Bible Study (I am learning so much!)

The forgiveness of friends

Baptisms and the testimonies that accompany them

A sister living close by for a time

Mary enjoying to play with my hair

The music Jacob fills this house with

The blessing of Abi's tender love for Chloe

Baruch's insatiable curiousity

Abram's zest for life

Chloe's precious trainable self

Warm weather in November

How amazing God created each aspect of our bodies (we are studying Anatomy this year and it is so fascinating!)

Friends to learn with

Birthdays to celebrate

Indoor plumbing

Here's a few blogs doing the 30 days of thankful

And here's a blog in my favorites

Give Thanks to the LORD for HE is good!

16 - November, 2010

Pa and Grandma brought the neatest globe when they last visited. It is a v-tech interactive globe with a game that tests how many continents and oceans/ countries / state and provinces . . . you can locate in 45 seconds. What an exciting way to improve everyones geography skills. I enjoy the challenge too!

17 - November, 2010

One week ago we brought home a new member of the family. He is fitting in very well. Here is a coming home picture

18 - November, 2010

19 - November, 2010

Here Jacob is doing to Chloe what we have been doing with Banjo to teach him to enjoy someone touching his paws as well as to teach him to submit to our authority. Chloe needs the later ;)

Here Chloe enjoys one of her favorite things - watching a slide show of family photos!

Until next time - hope you enjoyed this weeks snapshot summary. Sorry I am a little late. Our computer crashed. I am used to working on a Mac so am going through a little learning curve using Drew's lap top here. One more thing I am thankful for - this computer!


amy in peru said...

you do such a good job at this Beth!

your pictures are great! it looks like a fabulous week! ;)

thankfulness changes things...
it changes us!

amy in peru

Tonya said...

I did enjoy that very much!

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