Saturday, October 23, 2010

Snapshot Summary #14

16 - October, 2010
We attended a lovely wedding today. Our good friends, Jeremiah and Laura were Best man and Matron of Honor. Two of their little girls were supposed to be in the wedding. One of them, Cora walked down as junior bride. She is on the right in the photo. The younger one was suppose to walk down as one of three flower girls. She took one look and ran the other way. The charge to the couple was very encouraging. I love to recommit in my marital covenant when I am at a wedding.

17 - October, 2010

18 - October, 2010
Welcome David, Renee and kiddos! We sure enjoyed delivering household items your way. Wish we could have come earlier to set up house for you a bit more! Just so thankful you will be so close for a few months!!

19 - October, 2010

20 - October, 2010
Wow! What a Day! The Lord is good!!!!!
First and foremost, today we celebrated Mary Elisabeth turning 13!
We did some school. Mary babysat for our neighbors. We did a bit more school. Mary made homemade noodles for our chicken soup lunch. I worked on writing out our schedule on a wall poster (which we weren't following very well today, but have been most days and it seems to be working well). I played around the world (a shoot the basket ball game) with Jacob. We ate lunch. Little ones took naps. Older ones practiced instruments. Mary and Abi did their portion of the weekly paper route. Cob walked Hector. Mary made cupcakes. I cut Abi's hair (pictures below). I made frosting. We had supper. I frosted the cupcakes.

By far, the best part of the day was heading to our friends house for Bible Study. This was our first in a new study entitle Jacob and Egypt, The Sovereignty of God by John MacArthur. I confess I didn't do the study much in advance. I thank the Lord that He blessed me regardless. The Lord really used it to reveal some areas of bitterness in my life, bitterness and pride.

After the study we sang happy birthday to Mary and ate chocolate cupcakes with peanut-butter frosting (Mary's request, one which I requested almost every year on my birthday growing up, so that was pretty special to me that we share a favorite). Heidi wrote Mary such a sweet card and the whole family gave her some very thoughtful gifts! I think Mary really felt special. What a great ending to her big 13th birthday!

21 - October, 2010

Mary preparing Lunch

20 minute daily walk

The little boys have been playing outside in lieu of mat time. The weather has been SO nice! They were SO filthy tonight the bath water was just gross by the end! I am so thankful they have been enjoying the beautiful days.

22 - October, 2010

What a blessing to be doing science with another family! Tonya and I seem to be a good team. We have been alternating reviewing a lesson every other week, then doing a hands on activity to reinforce what we have learned (or the children have learned. I don't know who is learning more, me or them). Today was lesson three on the muscular system. Here's Tonya reviewing and asking questions to see what the children remembered.

Tonya prepared an amazing lunch which we all enjoyed together after the review and experiments. Then Tonya surprised us all with a birthday cake for Mary! So sweet!! Literally ;)

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