Saturday, October 16, 2010

Snapshot Summary #13

9 - October, 2010

We enjoyed a sunshining warm day today! Drew's dad came in the morning and he and Drew headed up to pick up our "new" van. They dropped it off at the mechanics with the list of items to fix and were home in perfect time for goulash. Then Bill took the girls to the library while I worked on cleaning several stacks that had managed to grow, out of nothing!!, over the past several months. Before long we were all sitting down to supper with Mr. A. from out east. After supper we took a walk and played at the park, then came home for squash pie. I used some butternut squash a friend gave us from their garden. It made a nice pie :-). After dessert Mr. A. engaged all the kids with the Biblical account of Gideon. Man alive is he an excellent truth teller! The kids were riveted, ears honed in to his every word. Thanks Mr. S!! I praise the Lord for your godly influence on our family.

10 - October, 2010
I was off today. No, I didn't take the day off, but maybe I should have. I struggled to be thankful, fought believing lies, wished I could be two places at once (my sister is going to be a Grandmother and Lauron's shower was today and I REALLY wanted to go), missed David, Renee and all their children, felt overwhelmed by the state of the house. . . I was just off! And neither Drew or I took one picture all day. hmmmm, wonder why?! By bed time I was doing a bit better, it took a lot of calling out to the Lord. I am so thankful. . .
He is always there to call out to!
His word is always relevant!
He is faithful when I am not!
He is ALWAYS worthy to be praised!
He reveals my sinful heart to me!
He does not reveal all my sin at once!
He is alive!

11 - October, 2010
We hit the school schedule hard today and had a really good day. The kids were SO sad when their cousins left I wondered how hard today would be on them, but they did really well.

12 - October, 2010
We deliver a weekly paper. Here's Baruch on the run! The weather has been gorgeous which makes delivering the paper route a breeze. Today was actually warm for a fall day.

13 - October, 2010
We didn't finish the route on Tuesday so did some more houses today. Drew attended a conference so the kids and I were solo. I know solo means one, but you know what I mean - I was the sole adult.

I just love the leaves all over the ground! But what is that red splotch?

Oh it's Abigail!!

14 - October, 2010
We seem to be falling into a nice rhythm with our school schedule. One of Abi's favorite segments of the day is her half-hour with Chloe while I am teaching Baruch phonics (you'll have to see our google calendar to see what everyone else is doing at that time) Today Abi did Chloe's hair in lots of little pig tails.

At the end of Abi's time with Chloe we have a 15 minute snack (no that is not on the calendar yet, but it works in well with our 10:00 - 10:30 rotation)

Here's Chloe ringing the bell to alert everyone - snack time, come and get it!

15 - October, 2010
Last Friday (the 8th) we put one bone in a cup of vinegar and another, the control, in a cup of water. (Then we added a broken half bone in each). As an acid, the vinegar removed the calcium salts form the bone. The results were amazing. The bone pictured on the left was the vinegar bone. It was shrunken and REALLY soft. Mushy. I picked it up with a pair of salad tongs Mary said, "the bone is as soft as skin." The bone on the right was as hard as ever.


Tonya said...

Do you just stick your whole school schedule in every day to goodgle?

Beth said...

I do! I set up a calendar for each of the kids. Then I can repeat if each day is the same or vary it if there is a change in the schedule etc. I am not sure how you could view my calendar but it public if you wanted to look at it. About 5 years ago I went through Teri Maxwell's book "Managers of their Homes" and based my schedule on her suggestions. Over the years it has morphed and this year took on the form of a schedule in google calendar. Now I am sure I have given you WAY too much information :-)

Amy in Peru said...

Beth... I love google calendar and I'm just starting to use it more!

I'm so glad you enjoy the snapshot summary! I HAD forgotten you when I posted because your link doesn't always show up in the linky... :)
But I'm really glad you're joining me! :) It's always more fun with friends!

I'm kind of feeling overwhelmed at the moment because we are just starting a new term, Micah has another trip planned (which he wants to take the boys on = a missed week of school), my in-laws are coming for 2+ weeks in less than a month, and after they go, we'll have two weeks before Christmas (one of which Micah is on another trip) and then we'll have 1 week to move! oh my. sorry to spill that all... that's the first time I've actually seen it all written down! :)

well... will you pray for me? I'm working on pulling this term's plans together as I type.


amy in peru

Beth said...

Amy, I will most definitely pray for you, friend! Thanks for sharing your heart. I know that overwhelmed feeling all too well. When I am feeling that way it helps me to remember my goals in homeschooling. Education is not my first goal, instilling a love for the Lord, His word, discipline, and a joy for learning far out way hard cold education. Ps. 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God". With Much Prayer, ~Beth

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