Monday, October 11, 2010

Snapshot Summary #12

30 - September, 2010

I work with Abigail on All About Spelling

10:00 AM snack time

1:00 PM means guitar practice for Cob. The book he's working through has him listen to an audio lesson as he learns the new technique. I just love to watch him practice. His feet come off the ground and swing.

1 - October, 2010

Grandma Rose and Aunt Judy visit!

3 - October, 2010

Paul and Michelle (neighbors) hosted a wonderful Autumn Party at their house. There was a great spread of healthy snacks, hot cider, cupcakes for the kids to decorate with frosting and sprinkles (then eat of course), gourds to decorate with glitter paint, pin the squirrel in the cutely decorated fall leafy tree hole, and bobbing for apples. Michelle demonstrated the art of apple bobbing, then the kids had at it. It was really nice to meat some of the friends that Michelle talks about. I felt honored we were invited. The whole family had an awesome time. Oh and they had a camp fire too!

Other neighbors, Amber, Jim, Sienna, Conner and Penny
4 - October, 2010

Can you tell I have been cleaning out everyones closets, dressers PLUS all the bins and baskets, waiting to be put in the bins?!?!?!? The result is pictured above. I could not believe how overflowing each bin was. I stayed up until 2 AM on Saturday to finish everything! Well, I got the bright idea to give Renee a mini heart attack when she arrived. It was just before she and the children were due to pull in that Mary and I made up some tags for the clothes bags with Matt, Michelle, Henry, Melvin, Dawson, Jason, Grandma, Frank and Lisa. One tag for each bag. Then Jacob asked Aunt Renee if they would mind taking a few items back to Florida since they would be back that way at the end of November. hee hee!! It didn't fool her for long, just long enough to have that mini heart attack. Poor Renee, just what she needed after all the stress of traveling. She said Frank and Lisa were the give away. She just couldn't imagine why I would be sending them clothes.

Ah! my wonderful sister her six above average arrived! How can I describe the fellowship we enjoyed, the activity that surrounded us? All I can say is I was blessed by each of them. When Renee left that evening to attend a meeting with David and the elders of their commending assembly I really enjoyed each of my nieces and nephews. The children all played so well together. Everyone played quietly during family time. When I asked them to put on their pajamas - up they went with not one word of complaint!

Drew reads over his scripture selection for family worship.

Listening to Papa tell the Bible story.

Worship through song!


5 - October, 2010

Dress up time with the cousins.

Everyone found something to put on for dress up (escept Abram I think). Here they are all gathered around waiting for Abi to play a song on the piano.

Everyone found something to put on for dress up (escept Abram I think). Here they are all gathered around waiting for Abi to play a song on the piano

I don't think I have every seen a cuter unicorn!!

Precious Sophia

6 - October, 2010

I had a lot of wonderful help making Meleah's Birthday cake. She chose an Angel Cake. Lydia sifted the flour and powdered sugar together for me. Meleah and Abram helped me slowly add the sugar to the softly peaked egg whites. Then I had to kick everyone out to fold in the sifted mixture. I was afraid they would stir instead of fold. The cake turned out very yummy. I actually missed out on the candle lighting and singing. I also didn't get a single picture :-(. Renee, if any of yours turn out you will have to send them to me and I will add them to this post.


7 - October, 2010

They started off far apart, Chloe asking Sophie if she could read her a story.

Before long they were close together sharing their love of books!

After supper I took the older three to Awana as Uncle David spoke to the children there. It was a blessing to go and be a part of all the organized games. The Bible memorization in the program is fantastic! I enjoyed Uncle David's charge to the children. I also got Julia on my lap for a nice long spell - bonus! Then I got to meet my blog buddy Tonya's son. What a nice young man. It encouraged me, just to meet him.

8 - October, 2010
David, Renee and crew took off impressively 5 minutes ahead of schedule at 7:40AM. We flew around making the house a bit more presentable, then headed off to copy works. I got my needed copies made for our science, well, our science co-op if you can call it that. My friend Tonya and I are taking turns reviewing a lesson from:

We hosted today so, as I was saying. . . We got the copies made and headed to stringed instrument lessons for Mary and Cob. Then ran into Kephart's on the way home so Cob could replenish his guitar pick supply. Abi went into work with Drew since I was driving the car, which only has buckles for 5 so we stopped to pick her up and got home just after (yes I know, I was late) Tonya and her four children arrived. We had a great lesson review and got our bone project started. Then we had a nice lunch together. Then the children played while Tonya and I sat and visited.

Until next week or next summary!!


Tonya said...

Wow! You got to meet Dylan? We were so busy this weekend we didn't get to speak with him and plan to tonight. Wish I could be the Tonya you could sit and talk with...someday we'll come see you..have a great week..

Beth said...

I too wish you were closer - we could sit and encourage one another in the Lord! Dylan was such a nice kid! I am hoping we can have him over some time soon. Things just aren't slowing down much :-) Have a great Monday.

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