Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Snapshot Summary #2

Friday 2 - July we headed to a local park to participate in their - patriotic decorate your bike - be in a bike parade - event. I have great memories as a little girl in MI lining up for the neighborhood bike parade. I think the kids made some good memories too! Drew threw a couple bikes in the back of the van before we left for tennis. I threw two more on top and hoped my bunji cord action would hold as I navigated through the streets.

Saturday 3 - July We attended a great Independence Day party. There was a tire swing, tether ball, sand box and a couple pools set up for the kids. Plus the grandchildren of the host/hostess were giving Gator rides which the kids LOVED! The food was excellent. I shared a post about my favorite dish already. We were having too much fun to take pictures.

The picture to the left is of our evening doings. Here Abi is reading Goodnight Gorilla to the younger ones while waiting for the next event in the amazing air-show. We watched from a bluff and the view of the air-show was spectacular.

As soon as the fireworks started we realized our great view of the air-show would be a terrible view of the fireworks. We trekked off through some woods and found a clearing with an adequate view. There we "enjoyed" the fireworks. Well some of us enjoyed them more than others :-). Chloe obviously thought they were a bit LOUD!

We made a lot of great memories as a family that day. When we got home from the party we divided, Drew taking the older kids up to stake out a spot to watch the evenings happenings, I staying home to put the little ones down for a
nap. The plan was to connect at the park where Drew and the older kid were when the little ones awoke. Unfortunately I had clipped my fanny pack with my drivers license, phone, proof of insurance and money onto a chair that was with Drew. So when I was pulled over by officer Walker who wanted to make sure all the children were properly buckled I started praying, Lord, you know I deserve a ticket but I sure would LOVE a warning. As we waited the little boys prayed too. Baruch was praying we wouldn't be late for the air-show, being my lover of all things that fly. The Lord saw fit to have me receive a warning! Amazing! But God, being rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in our transgressions, made us alive together with Christ(by grace you have been saved) Ephesians 2:4,5. The warning was so much God's grace!! As we cautiously proceeded to the park I realized afresh God's mercy, then had this sinking feeling. . . no fanny pack, no money, no buck for the park entrance fee. We parked at the entrance and footed on up and up, Chloe wanting to be held the whole way, and up and up, My broken toe protesting with each step, and up and up Baruch racing ahead with encouraging word for Abram with each racing step. Finally we saw Drew and Mary in the distance and I happily reclined on our blanket, sweat trickling down my back.

Sunday 4 - July We slept in some then enjoyed worshipping with the believers at our assembly! Had a nice relaxing day concluding with a trip to the park.

Monday 5 - July Had to wake the older girls up so we would be on time to minister to the oldsters at a nearby nursing home. My friend Marylins mom is a resident there. Drew introduced the kids and encouraged everyone to call out on the name of the LORD. Then the children enjoyed playing the piano, their fiddles and the guitar, along with singing a bit. Drew's folks met us their and we all enjoyed talking to the residents when the kids were done playing and singing. We had a very nice day with Drew's parents. Very low key which I needed after the past few days of flurry.


Tonya said...

My feet hurt just reading all that action! :) What a fun weekend.

~Lisa, Scot, and Timmy said...

Timmy didn't like the sound of the fireworks either. Maybe it's a 2 year old thing...lol.

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