Monday, July 12, 2010

Forgot a Couple Things

I forgot a couple items in yesterday's snapshot summary.

First, the girls and I did get to go to a bridal shower for our good friend Mary on Sunday. She is getting married August 6th which is fast approaching. She was so cute opening the shower gifts, reminded me of an infomercial.

Second, the dresses. I picked up mine at a garage sale a few weeks ago, a neighbor found Chloe's at a garage sale the very next week. Then Mary received her skirt from some friends at church a few days later. We were at JoAnn fabrics a week ago today when I found the green fabric in Abi's dress for $1.00 and the shirts the girls are wearing for $3.00! The girls and I really enjoy wearing matching items. It was a blessing from the Lord the way the outfits all fell together and the bonus was that I got to sew up an easy dress!

Well I better be off to clean out the refrigerator. Hope I don't find too much mold.

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~Lisa, Scot, and Timmy said...

you've been a a role with blogging. i'm trying to do the same. it's always nice to read your blogs.

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