Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer School!

I just finished making up our summer schedule. I use the term schedule loosely. We are starting in Israel, traveling to Egypt, then south to the tip of Africa. Next around the west coast of Africa into Europe. After visiting Europe we will travel throughout Asia, then reversing Magellan's travels go to South America, with a pit stop at Antarctica. Ending, after touring North America at the North Pole. Whew! I plan to use the above books, maps, songs and puzzles to teach us along the way. I am especially excited to be digging into a Window into the World and praying for different countries. God made this amazing world and I am excited for our summer tour of it.

These are our passport pictures.

We plan to draw the flag of the country for each one we visit for an extended period.

And we're OFF!


Tonya said...

very cool!

BEFFY! said...

what a fun summer you all have planned! :)
let me know if you'll be needing a postcard or such from Alaska (or anywhere in Asia for that matter-Rand travels a lot!)

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