Thursday, June 03, 2010

Stacks UPON Stacks AND Sunscreen

There are stacks everywhere! I can hardly believe that just 6 days ago the house was immaculate. No really, it was, well almost. I had worked through all the stacks, cleaned every room and even scrubbed the kitchen floor.

On Memorial Day I was relieved that Kari had brought sunscreen and was more than willing to share! When we got home I looked in the cupboard where I thought the sunscreen was, thinking I would stick it in the van so it would be harder to forgot on our next sun filled outing. The sunscreen wasn't there. I have a saying in the house, "if you can't find something, start cleaning." I never got to clean in search of the sunscreen.

Just moments ago I sent Jacob to get Chloe's milk out of the refrigerator. The old newspapers are stacked a mile high on top of the refrigerator. I could have recycled them on several occasions, but keep thinking, when I get the garden planted I will need those papers to keep the weeds down. AND I will need them when we put rock around the ac unit to keep the weeds out there too.

So moments ago, after Cob got Chloe's cup - CRASH!! down came the half of the papers stacked on top of my wooden bowl. Low and behold there came the sunscreen. Whew! I guess I won't need THAT many papers to keep the weeds down :-)


~Lisa, Scot, and Timmy said...

So nothing has changed over the years since we were roomies, huh?!

Beth said...

Oh yeah it's changed all right. The stacks have multiplied greatly!! lwy (laughin' with ya)

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