Thursday, April 15, 2010

Midnight Madness

It is the middle of the night.  The air is still.  I haven't been sleeping intermittently.  I heard some commotion in the girls room.  Upon investigation I found Mary curled up inside Chloe's bed with her!  Poor little Chloe barely had room with Mary's big body in there.  I got her into her bed and then thought I better take her potty.  When I asked her why she had been in Chloe's play pen she responded, "I was tired."  "Yes Mary, but why did you go in the playpen?"  I asked.  "It seemed a nicer place than up there," she said very seriously.  I am still cracking up.  I put a fan in our window before coming downstairs.  Maybe it's cooled down enough to sleep.


~Lisa, Scot, and Timmy said...

We already been using the AC. The heat plus humidity is just to unbarable to not have it

Tonya said...

love those sweet memories

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