Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bathroom Update #5

Don't let the title of this post throw you.  Spring is in the air and the chickens stink.  Literally stink.  The free range cage we currently have is difficult to pull up to the garage each night where their coon proof coop is.  Drew opted to use the frame of their old free range cage, modify it, add to it, and come up with an improved free range cage.  He got a lot of ideas from My Pet Chicken's site.  He ended up not purchasing plans from them as he wanted to utilize the frame of the old cage.  The new one will have a coon proof roosting area built in so we don't have to wheel it up to the garage each night.  I am so thankful he enjoys building.  I think he is an amazing carpenter!

Stay tuned for finished free range project photo's in Bathroom Update #6 ;)

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