Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bed Time Routine

I have started rocking Abram and Chloe before bed.  It is so cute to have the two of them on my lap together.  The first night Abram ripping off a piece of the batting that is loose and falling off all over his blankie and handed it to Chloe.  She took it and instantly stuck her fingers in her mouth (just like Abram).  I couldn't help but chuckle, pretty soon we were all laughing.  The next night she reached over and said piece, piece.  Abram gave her another piece, in went the fingers.  For some reason that night it didn't strike me as funny.  It made me really miss Seth and wish that I could have seen he and Chloe love each other.  That night I cried.  I usually pray with the older children and then rock Abram and Chloe.  I am so thankful to be making these memories. 

I sat down to pray with Jacob and in comes Papa with the camera.

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