Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chloe Update

Chloe grows and changes faster than I can blink!  Over the past month her speech blasted off.  Here are all of the words (and even two sentences!) from her ever expanding vocabulary (In the order she has said them):



Jay Jah (Jacob) - Jacob worked long and hard to get her to say this one.

Ouch - Mary was trying to get her to say a word (which escapes me at the moment.  Mary repeated the word to her over and over and over and over again.  Then Mary hurt her own finger and said "ouch".  Chloe repeated "ouch" with no hesitation :-)

Tickleeee, tickleeee, tickleeee (tickle)

Daddy Home!

un shoe (on shoe) - She says this all day long as she puts on and takes off any and every shoe she finds around the house, dragging shoes to who knows where.  I have lost two pairs of Baruch's shoes and it is convenient to blame the shoe hound :-)  It is really very adorable to watch her point and say "un shoe", then work on putting on whatever shoe she has found.  

Kittleeeee, kittleeee, kittleee (kitty) not to be mistaken for tickleee, although VERY similar sounding the cat being present we are all sure she said kitty :-)

Wanna ride (when Baruch was giving Abram a horsey ride and everytime any of us gets down to give horsey rides, or laundry basket rides)

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