Friday, August 21, 2009

School's in Session

School started this week (for this family anyway).  The new schedule is posted on the wall.  I implemented a new motivational system (a take off on Sue Patrick's Workbox System) in full force.  Today began our first reward Friday!  Everyone enjoyed the first two aspects of our three fold reward.  1)We met a friend at Storybook Hill in the AM.  2)Attended a Patients First Health Care Rally after that and 3)have a Telegraph Herald Carriers' Picnic to go to tonight.  I am afraid the new schedule does not allow me much computer time so I may not be updating for a while, then again maybe I'll be so organized I will update more than ever in the 1 hour a week alloted computer time I do have.  Time will tell.

Oh yeah, after the rally Cob said "A country is kind of like a car - if you get too many things wrong with it, it goes Kaputska."

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