Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Improved Kitchen Scrubber

I was disappointed with the performance of the granny square scrubber.  It was too flimsy.  I made this circle type several years ago as Christmas gifts and prefer them.  To get the stiffer scrubber I used a smaller hook (J 10-6.00MM).

Ch 4.

Sl St that together into a circle.

Ch 3.

DC 9 around the circle.

Sl St that to the Ch 3.

DC 2 or 3 in each around the circle - that is when I ran our of tulle but you get the idea.  

DC-double crochet

CH - chain stitch

Sl St - slip stitch


Tonya said...

It was the shape that made the difference? The circle must give it a more compact type function. What was that material again? I want to try those sometime.

The Tribe said...

Tonya, the material is tulle. It's the fabric used to make a veil only cut in thinner strips. I found a bunch on sale a few years ago and haven't needed to look for any since. Hope this helps without being too much info :-)

Tonya said...

Yes, thanks. I think I might like to try that sometime. Good travel project!

~Scot, Lisa, and Timmy said...

Y'all are better than me. I just go buy stuff like that. I don't have the talent or patience for stuff like that. Y'all get on down with your bad selves!:-)

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