Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Prayer Update

Thank you for praying for the Marys!

1) I spoke with Mary Beth Sunday and she seems to be doing well.  She has on her new cast and is getting around with crutches.  Ice poses a danger on those so please pray for her as she maneuvers about.  She also has a long road ahead with physical therapy but the doctor was very pleased with her progress.

2)  My neighbor Mary cracked another rib!  Please continue to pray for her.  She is on her feet reading meters all day and the healing will take time.  We are excited as she plans to come to Bible study with us this Thursday.

3)  Drew's Mom is scheduled for surgery at 11:00 AM.  She will be having two cysts removed.  Please pray for her recovery as she is super depressed, wondering if she will ever feel well again.

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